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Food Banks Now Serving the Next Layer of People

People everywhere are having economic epiphanies. Whether it's learning the importance of an emergency fund, wishing they hadn't taken their job for granted, recognizing some things can be blessings in disguise, or appreciating the little things, there's no doubt this recession is going to have a lasting effect on many Americans. For some, the moments of clarity are more sour than silver.

The New York Times reports that food banks in some of the most affluent places in the country are seeing floods of new people in need, in the form of unemployed bankers, tech professionals, and ex-Mad Men types. Brenda Beavers, human services director for the Salvation Army in New Jersey, pointed out how difficult this reality can be, saying, "These are people who never really had to ask for help before. They were once givers and now they’re having to ask for assistance."

With increased demand comes a need for a bigger food supply, so if you're in the position to give a little, why not help out your local food pantry?


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