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Four Questions to Ask Before You Spend

Money Tip: Ask These Four Questions Before You Spend

Besides calculating the cost in terms of hourly compensation to judge whether or not a particular item is worth your time and money, there are some other things to keep in mind. Here are four questions to ask yourself when you're staring in the dressing-room mirror or gaggling over a gadget.

  1. Do I love it? Make a list of your own mental must haves. Ask yourself if the item you're eyeing deserves a spot on that list.
  2. How often would I wear or use it? Cost-per-use is a good way to break down how valuable the item will be to you.
  3. Can I afford it? Do you have expenses coming up and are you concerned about being able to make payments? Consider your spending priorities.
  4. Could I find it cheaper somewhere else? If yes, it might be worth your time to search for that better deal.


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