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33 Fun and Free Wedding-Table Printables

May 13 2014 - 5:00am

Why spend money on table numbers and place cards when you can print them at home for free? I've rounded up some of the best downloadable tabletop signage to save you bundles! From whimsical to nautical, you can't go wrong with these.

Source: Paige Simple [1]

Molly Table Numbers

These table numbers [2] have the perfect pop of color for your table. And Wedding [3] Chicks allows you to customize the colors!

Source: Wedding Chicks [4]

Simple Table Numbers

You can't go wrong with these classically simple table numbers [5].

Source: NoBiggie [6]

Color-Wash Table Numbers

These table numbers [7] are vibrant and fun-loving.

Source: Evermine [8]

Hand-Drawn Place Cards

Place cards are a must at weddings! These [9] could be the perfect fit for you.

Source: The Life of Amy J. Delightful [10]

Black and White Table Numbers

Some brides like to keep it clean and simple [11].

Source: Crafty Pie Press [12]

Chalkboard Table Numbers

Chalkboard decor [13] has been all the rage. Keep up with the trend!

Source: Paige Simple [14]

Rustic Lace Table Numbers

These rustic table numbers [15] are sweet and elegant.

Source: Elli [16]

Golden Swallow Place Cards

Get carried away with these golden swallow place cards [17].

Source: Heirloom Paperie [18]

Baby Blue and Gray Table Numbers

Color schemes are hard to choose, but these blue and gray table numbers [19] make it easy.

Source: Botanical Paperworks [20]

San Francisco Skyline Table Numbers

If you're a San Francisco native like me, you'll love these skyline table numbers [21].

Source: Hello!Lucky [22]

Big Day Table Numbers

These big hearts [23] will showcase your love on your big day.

Source: Hello!Lucky [24]

Lemonade-Stand Table Numbers

When life gives you lemons [25], you make table numbers!

Source: Hello!Lucky via Snippet & Ink [26]

Love and Marriage Table Numbers

Who doesn't love simplicity [27]?

Source: Hello!Lucky [28]

Nautical Place Cards

The nautical theme [29] is always a hit.

Source: Wedding Chicks [30]

Medallion Table Numbers

These medallion table numbers [31] are sure to fill up your table.

Source: Betseywhite Stationary Boutique via Ruffled Blog [32]

Whimsical Calligraphy Table Numbers

The ease of these whimsical calligraphy table numbers [33] is unmatched.

Source: Snippet & Ink [34]

Nouveau Peonies Table Numbers

These nouveau peonies table numbers [35] are beautifully designed.

Source: Hello!Lucky [36]

Fruit Table Numbers

Feeling a little fruity? These fruit table numbers [37] are sure to put some fun into your wedding [38].

Source: Wedding Chicks [39]

Simply Sweet Table Numbers and Place Cards

These table numbers from DIY [40] Network are simply sweet [41].

Source: DIY Network [42]

Geometric Table Numbers

These geometric table numbers [43] are cool and modern.

Source: MarryThis [44]

Petunia Watercolor Place Cards

These petunia watercolor place cards [45] will set a dreamy tone for your wedding [46] day.

Source: Wedding Chicks [47]

Foxes Table Numbers

These foxes [48] bring a forest-y, fairy-tale charm to the table.

Source: Wedding Chicks [49]

Hand-Drawn Flower Table Numbers

Even if the flowers [50] are fake, they still bring life to the table!

Source: Behold Designz via Ruffled Blog [51]

Chalkboard Place Cards

Once again, the chalkboard place cards [52] are on trend.

Source: Wedding Chicks [53]

Pop-Up Ribbon Place Cards

Saving special seats for special people? Try out these pop-up ribbon place cards [54].

Source: Love vs. Design [55]

Moroccan Table Numbers

Bring your table to life with some Moroccan flare [56].

Source: Evermine [57]

Neutral Gray Table Numbers

These neutral gray table numbers [58] add a soft touch to your table.

Source: The Budget Savvy Bride [59]

Striped Table Numbers

These striped table numbers [60] are eye-catching in the best way possible.

Source: The Budget Savvy Bride [61]

Pastel Table Numbers

Everyone loves a good pastel [62].

Source: Two Brunettes via Ruffled Blog [63]

Antlers Table Numbers and Place Cards

Place cards often need a rustic charm [64], and these antlers exude just that.

Source: Wedding Chicks [65]

Romantic Table Numbers

These table numbers [66] will bring the romance on your big day.

Source: Project Wedding [67]

Charming Place Cards

You can thank Martha Stewart [68] for these charming place cards [69].

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [70]

Wheat Wreath Table Numbers

These wheat wreath table numbers [71] will put the finishing touches on your tabletop.

Source: Sweet Violet Bride [72]

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