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Glamour Asks: Are You Normal About Money?

Money habits might be as personal to you as your pore cleansing ritual, but who isn't a little curious about the way others deal with their hard earned dollars. Glamour magazine solved the guessing game by polling its readers on their cash, asking about everything from money marriages to retirement savings. Check out the findings below; do any of the percentages surprise you?

  • 35 percent missed a credit card payment last year.
  • 43 percent of couples fight about money.
  • 45 percent always pay off their monthly credit card balance.
  • 51 percent would choose money over a dream job.
  • 55 percent don't have a retirement account.
  • 74 percent would marry someone for money if he were worth at least $1.1 million.
  • 79 percent maintain a monthly credit card bill that's less than $1,000.


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