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A Good Handshake Gives You a Better Chance of Getting Hired

Your Handshake Is the Real Window to Your Soul

Are you a woman with a firm grip? A new study shows that you may be more hireable. Ninety-eight students were put through two tests that included mock job interviews and having their handshakes rated by professional handshake raters (who knew that was a job?!). The two judging parties compared scores and discovered that the students with strong handshakes were also the most hireable.

The leader of the study, Greg Stewart, believes that your handshake tells a lot about a person and is a crucial part of a professional first impression. He thinks that a strong shake gives important nonverbal clues about someone's personality, and interestingly, women who participated in the study and exhibited a strong handshake seemed to have an advantage over men. So what does it take to get an A on your shake? According to Stewart, "Good handshakes involve a firm, complete grip, eye contact and vigorous up-and-down movement."


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