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Guess How Much: The Priciest Works of Art

Last week, a bronze sculpture by artist Alberto Giacometti set a new world record for the highest auction price ever fetched for a work of art. Bidding for "L'Homme qui marche I" opened at $19 million, but the final selling price was three times that — $104.3 million. Pretty impressive, huh? Now see if you can guess the final auction price of the four previous world record-holding pieces.

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"Garcon a la Pipe," Pablo Picasso
$104.1 million
$54.1 million
$24.1 million
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"Dora Maar au chat," Pablo Picasso
$15.2 million
$45.2 million
$95.2 million
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"Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II," Gustav Klimt
$57.9 million
$87.9 million
$97.9 million
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"Tryptic," Francis Bacon
$36.3 million
$56.3 million
$86.3 million
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