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29 Photos That Will Make Your Brain Explode With Happiness

Jul 29 2016 - 6:15pm

Need a little pick-me-up? Read on to see some photos that will crush your negativity and imbue you with happiness.

This Dog That Thinks the Parade Is All For Him

Tiger Licking Ice to Cool Down

The Man Who Is So Happy With His Onion

Baby Pandas Napping

The Smile of a Sloth

This Dog in a Bee Safety Suit

Look at his shoes!

Source: YouTube user GeoBeats News [4]

Cats With Ramen-Cup Hats

Source: YouTube user shironekoshiro [5]

So Happy!

Source: Prokino Filmverlieh [6]

The Best To-Do List Ever

Source: Reddit user sawbutter [7] via Imgur [8]

Spangles the Cross-Eyed Kitty

Source: Facebook user spangles09 [9]

Cone of Happiness

Source: Reddit user ado77 [10] via Imgur [11]

Husky Photobomb

Source: jfoster51 [12] via Imgur [13]

Dad Makes Halloween Costume For Wheelchair-Bound Son

Source: eBaum's World [14]

Hedgehog Bath Time

Source: Reddit user rapol [15] via Imgur [16]

Pocket Pal

Source: Reddit user beatauburn7 [17] via Imgur [18]

Vintage Cotton Candy

This simple and sweet photo will bring up nostalgic memories from childhood.

Source: Flickr user Sabino Aguad [19]

Groom Moved to Tears by Bride's Beautiful Vow

Source: Reddit user patriot95 [20] via Imgur [21]

Pure Bliss

Source: Reddit user Sheasus [22] via Imgur [23]

Thoughtful Gesture by Parents on a Plane

Source: Reddit user gigantomachy [24] via Imgur [25]

A Young Family Eats Out and Receives This Check

Source: Reddit user bcoden [26] via Imgur [27]

Elderly Couple Having a Great Time

Polar Bear Cubs Sleep on Mom

Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic, Born Without Limbs, Holds His Child

He called it a "dream come true."

Source: Facebook user Nick Vujicic Fans [28]

Together For More Than 50 Years and Married For More Than Five

John Darby and Jack Bird celebrating half a century of being a couple.

This Awesome Dad

Source: Reddit user resgestae [29] via Imgur [30]

Quokka: The Happiest Animal on Earth

Source: Reddit user dovahkym [31] via Imgur [32]

Mama Otter Holding Baby Otter

Rojo the Therapy Llama Spreading Happiness

Source: Facebook user RojoTheLlama [33]

Baby Walrus Taking a Bath

Look at that face!
Source: Alaska SeaLife Center [34]

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