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How to Get a Big Raise

How to: Make More Money

It doesn't take much time in your professional life to realize that you have to ask for things if you want them to change, whether it be needing more flexible hours, wanting more responsibility, or feeling that you should earn more money. Most supervisors aren't spending their time thinking about how your salary is sitting with you, so it's on your shoulders to present your case and win it for yourself. Your job is your biggest asset in making you more financially sound, so if you're not making as much as you think is deserved than you may not be maximizing your wealth potential. To see my tips on asking for a raise just

  1. Keep a running inventory of your accomplishments, no matter how small you think they are. If your boss is pretty hands off but you're constantly exceeding expectations, keeping a journal means that she doesn't just have to take your word and there's hardly room for argument that you need to prove yourself. This is especially effective if the person deciding your salary doesn't have anything to do with your job function.
  2. Whether it's your annual review or a meeting that you've arranged for this purpose, before you go in to the meeting highlight a handful of your accomplishments that show off how valuable you are to the company.
  3. Do some research on the market price for your position. Never threaten your boss but be honest when you say that you feel under-compensated given your progress and total effort in helping the company's bottom line, not to mention that your salary is at the low end of what's average for your position.
  4. Talk about your future with the company and how you see yourself fitting in, and ask how you'd be able to contribute to the company's growth. If they see that you're willing to invest in them, they're more likely to invest in you, too.
  5. As tempting as it may be, never revert to comparing yourself to co-workers that have the same job title as you. You're not there to talk about how terrible they are, the focus needs to stay on you and everything you have to offer.
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