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Would You Want to be as Successful as Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg?

Many of us look up to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg as a role model because she's one of the most successful female business leaders of our time. She's consistently ranked by Forbes as one of the most powerful women in the world and she's estimated to be worth a cool $1.6 billion. She's the face of women trying to crack the glass ceiling, and with so many glowing praises showered on Sandberg, I was surprised to see career blogger Penelope Trunk make the bold statement that "very few women want to be Sandberg." Trunk explains:

"Sandberg wants to be a role model for women who want big, exciting careers. But here’s the problem: women don't want to be Sandberg. It’s no coincidence that the number one woman on the list of self-made millionaires is Oprah. She has no kids and no husband. She’s fascinating, nice, and smart. But few of us would really enjoy her life.

Sandberg and Oprah represent extreme choices in life. The things they give up are not things that most women would want to give up in exchange for the wild career success they could have . . . You can't have small kids and a startup if you want to see your kids."

Everyone has a different definition of what it means to "make it." In fact, success for many women doesn't mean climbing the corporate ladder; it's having a good work-life balance, according to a More magazine survey. The Facebook executive may be one of the wealthiest women around, but her intensive job may leave her with less time to spend with her two kids and husband. What about you — would you want to be as successful as Sheryl Sandberg?

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Emily-Co Emily-Co 4 years
Hi @agasp @Nici2295500 ! Sandberg does have two kids and a husband, but her work just leaves her less time to spend with them. Trunk explains in her post that Sandberg has multiple nannies to help with the kids, and while that's a great option for some moms, it might not work for others. There are things you have to give up as a high-level executive and it's really hard to do it all with a demanding job. I highly respect Sandberg and would love to have her job, but at the same time, I'm wondering if I'll share the same sentiment when it comes time to having kids. Just food for thought!
agasp agasp 4 years
So why does the author COMPLETELY NEGLECT that this woman has a husband and kids? When the IPO came out, a profile on Sandberg came out as well, and they ask her about her family life. I may not care to be worth 1.6 billion, but different strokes for different folks. She's a role model to someone, some woman, out there. Isn't that what matters?
Nici2295500 Nici2295500 4 years
Apparently no basic research was done for this post. Ms. Sandberg is married and has two children. I'd love to be in Sheryl Sandberg's shoes. She is a role model, and I personally do look up to her. She is a powerful and encouraging advocate for women in high-power roles. She's smart and successful. It's odd to suggest that women don't want that.
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