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How My Gym Membership Bit Me in the End

We all make mistakes, and a recent one of mine was both costly and frustrating. Here's what went down: I had a great month-to-month gym membership, and the customer service over the three years was always friendly and responsive. It was a totally satisfactory experience — until I called to cancel.

I moved to a new apartment, and the new place is too far from the gym for me to maintain my membership. I gave the appropriate 30-day notice to my landlord that I'd be leaving, and apparently, I should have called the gym at the same time. Unknown to me, somewhere in my contract it stated that I had to give 30 days notice before cancellation, or I'd have to pay for the entire next month in full.

My husband and I shared a family membership, which meant we were out an entire month's dues for something we couldn't even use. It was our bad for not checking the contract ahead of time, but it seemed like a pretty sneaky policy to enforce. Have you had any experiences with a gym membership that left you feeling less than satisfied?

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