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Ask Savvy: How Should I Quit Without Upsetting My Boss?

This post was shared by reader hiptobesquare in our Ask Savvy group.

I have been working a retail position since May, and have decided that it's in my best interest to move back to my hometown area where things are cheaper/I have friends/can finally take steps towards going to grad school. I won't be moving for a little while yet, but feel like I need to give a major heads up to my employer.  He is the definition of illogical on most of his business practices and I have a feeling he's going to be very, very upset that I'm leaving because it will cause more work for him.

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I feel like I've gone above and beyond what is asked of me this entire time, doing work off the clock in order to help improve business, as well as working basically whenever I'm asked (I didn't bend over backwards for a co-worker once and I actually got a stern talking to about helping each other out - I had very important unchangeable plans on the day in question). The worst though, is how horrible he is at handling finances, making payday a stressful situation all around.

I was going to leave a note on the desk for him to find when he opens in the morning, since I think he should have time to digest the information before he talks to me. It's a very small business, only five people including him work there. I don't want a reference or anything like that, I just don't want my last two months to be hell on earth. He won't fire me because it would totally screw him over (I'm the only full time employee and there are a lot of vacations coming up). How do I make this transition smoother? Short of offering to help with replacing me, I'm out of ideas.

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