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9 Ideas to Help You Save on Wedding Flowers

May 30 2016 - 12:00pm

Although your wedding [1] is a very special event, it doesn't mean you should go into debt because of it. You can save by cutting costs in certain areas [2], and perhaps the flowers can be one of them. Here are some ways to save on your wedding [3] bouquets.

  1. Make your own: You can always go the DIY [4] route and make your flowers out of creative everyday items like tape and old book pages for an eco- and budget-conscious move. These handmade flowers will not only save your wallet, but they will also add a really unique and creative touch to the decor. Here's how to make coffee filter peonies [5], coffee filter roses [6], and newspaper roses [7].
  2. Artificial flowers: If you're not the DIY sort, then you can always purchase artificial flowers, whether made of plastic or some other material. They tend to be a lot cheaper and last longer as well.
  3. In-season flowers: Flowers that are in season tend to be cheaper than those that aren't, so consider visiting your local florist to get the details.
  4. Alternative centerpieces: You can always use nonplant centerpieces to save money on flowers as well. Some alternatives include framed photos, shells, candles, and dessert.
  5. Double up your bridesmaid bouquets: Use your bridesmaids flowers as centerpieces for the tables. Browse Etsy for cute holders that will let you display them artfully.
  6. Use greenery: Instead of flowers, consider using greenery to decorate your table or amp up your bouquets. It's a refreshing take on the traditional wedding flowers.
  7. Wholesale: When purchasing flowers, look to wholesalers or a flower farm for the best prices.
  8. Hold your wedding in a naturally floral setting: If you hold your wedding in a place with a lot of beautiful flowers already in place, like a garden or a backyard, then you won't need to purchase any from the store. You can enjoy nature's beauty without the need to cut any flowers!
  9. Share with other brides: See if there are other brides holding a wedding on the same day at your venue at a different time. Perhaps you can coordinate with the other bride to share flowers once her wedding is done.

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