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How to Launder Dry-Clean-Only Clothing at Home

Mar 1 2016 - 8:00am

You fall in love with a shirt only to flip the tag and see the dreaded words, "Dry-Clean Only." Instead of leaving it at the store, bring your new favorite item of clothing home with you without fear of dealing with the dry cleaner. Along with being a big bother to drop off clothes and then pick them up, dry-cleaning isn't the best for the environment — and getting clothes professionally laundered adds up!

Check the Material

Start by figuring out what type of material you're working with. Most store-purchased clothing items are already colorfast [1], but it's always smart to do a quick test to double-check hues won't fade or bleed before hand washing. And it's a good idea to spot treat with a gentle stain remover [2] before giving a gentle cleaning.

How to Hand Wash

After you know what type of material you're working with, you can safely hand wash these items at home:


Try an At-Home Dry-Cleaning Kit

If you're still concerned about actually dunking your beloved clothing item in water, you can pick up a dry-cleaning kit [4] ($20) that works with items that have linings, like business suits and velvet jackets. Follow the directions, and you're on your way to refreshed clothes.

You can also DIY [5] your own dry-cleaning sheets and follow these directions for cleaning dry-clean-only clothes [6] at home.

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