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I'm Asking: Do You Go Out on Weeknights?

I'm Asking: Do You Go Out on Weeknights?

Planning a girls' night during the week with my closest pals is always a challenge. One is a go-getter whose assistant does all her scheduling so putting anything on her calendar involves at least six emails — and she never leaves the office before dark anyway. One is committed to picking up her stepchildren from after school care everyday at five and one has to take the ferry to the suburbs. Our family commitments and work seem to keep the four of us sequestered in our "school night" schedules so we rarely go out during the week (whether together or apart) unless it's to grab a quick bite to eat.

Are you able to finish up work early and sneak out with your lovers or friends on weeknights, or do you lay low during the week and reserve your revelry for the weekends when you have more free time?

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