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I'm Asking: Do You Offer Career Advice to Co-Workers?

I'm Asking: Do You Offer Career Advice to Co-Workers?

Having friends and confidants at work offers many benefits — namely someone to vent to, have lunch with, and help you when you have a question or feel lost. Of course, if you are close enough your co-workers may start asking you advice on personal career-related matters like asking for a raise, how to impress the boss, their criticism of management, or even looking for a new job. Do you offer up advice when co-workers ask or do you prefer to let them fend for themselves?

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pacenerd pacenerd 7 years
My answer to this is no.. BUT I do know EXACTLY what is going on in this picture of Grey's Anatomy =)
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 7 years
I have, but it's only to tell my one co-worker that I think she should talk to the boss about some problems she's been having. I'm not trying to be the boss, because I've been there less time than she has.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
well i've given some advice to people, but i try to not get involved in those things. i think that you're kind of asking for trouble when you involve yourself in other people's business like that. i think that depending on the types of questions that you're being asked to's ok. with my assistant, the other day she mentioned that she felt like she should be a supervisor and i felt bad saying it but i told her that she was kind of over reaching what she could do. i don't think that she's able to be in a position that's that high - but of course it's typical that we don't see ourselves like that. i stressed that maybe she should hone her skills and instead of jumping that high, she should look to have the skills to be one position above where she's at now rather than the 2 that it would take to be a sup.
psterling psterling 7 years
I don't but I had a boss who did this all the time. It was very helpful and I appreciated it most of the time but sometimes she had this way of handing out advice that felt more like she was saying, "you poor, poor thing. You are so hopeless that I feel obligated to point you in the right direction because you'll never make it without me by your side." :-/
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