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I'm Asking: Have You Ever Taken a Cruise?

I'm Asking: Have You Ever Taken a Cruise?

With an inescapable floating location, cruises provide a city's worth of activities all under one roof. Nice if you view scheduling and paying for activities to be a daunting vacay task, but what if your lack of planning also equates a need for freedom? Sadly, cruises may disappoint with scheduled eating times, less flexibility for spontaneity, and limited onshore time but, hey, you'll be too busy to notice.

Choices run the gamut from cheaper cargo cruise options to the world's most expensive cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas (costing $1.4 billion dollars and five years in the making), that will take its maiden voyage this December and you know what you're paying for from the get-go, like all-inclusive resorts. All you seafarers, tell us why cruises are your type of trip or say why you'd prefer to stick to your landlubber ways!

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