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I'm Asking: Should Air-to-Ground Phone Service Be Legal?

I'm Asking: Should Air-to-Ground Phone Service Be Legal?

Currently, federal regulations prohibit travelers in the US from placing cell phone calls while in flight, but did you know that it is legal in 72 other countries? With the increased offerings of Wi-Fi 30,000 feet up in the air, the possibility of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls increases, too.

That's not (yet) specifically banned, but a current measure in Congress aims to outlaw outright, talking via cell phone or VoIP in flight. Now considering how annoying I find a person on the bus discussing the minutiae of her dating life in graphic detail, I can see the concerns here — there's always gotta be the one person who'd use this public space to have a loud, cross-country chat much to other passengers' annoyance. Still, as someone who's also wanted to confirm a pickup for a business trip (or call for delays and emergency updates), a quick phone call could ease peace of mind and would limit wait time after landing.

Share how you feel about this proposed ban and why in the comments below!

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