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I'm Asking: What's Your Take on Splitting the Bill?

I'm Asking: What's Your Take on Splitting the Bill?

Dinner with friends is always fun, and throughout the meal, we're rarely thinking about the check — but inevitably, it arrives. So, even if you weren't the one ordering that third bottle of wine or partaking in any of the apps for the table to "share," you're going to have to pay for your share of the meal. Still, it starts to get a little tricky, and even uncomfortable if your share differs from the rest of the group. I have a lot of friends, who, no questions asked, will fork over their cards, while others will calculate each person's owed amount down to the last penny. There are of course, other situations where the potential for awkwardness surrounding the check can escalate — what if it's someone's birthday? What if you know someone can't afford their share? So, how do you deal when the check arrives?

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