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I'm Asking: Would You Hire a Human Bed-Warmer?

I'm Asking: Would You Hire a Human Bed-Warmer?

This program takes turndown to a whole new level. Select Holiday Inns in England will offer a special bed warmer — no, not a heated blanket or water bottle . . . a willing staff member. Noting that the hot bodied occupant (sorry, couldn't resist) will be out of the bed before any guest gets in — because that would be even more sketchy — the warmer will also be clothed from head to toe.

Even bundled in an all-in-one fleece sleeper, the sheets will not be washed after the temp reaches the required 68 degrees Fahrenheit so warm-blooded germaphobes beware. While there's no mention of additional fees as of yet, since the program just rolled out with five-minute, free intervals, would you sign up or shell out cold, hard cash for a preheated bed?

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