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Job Hunting in a Weak Job Market

How to Job Search When the Job Market Is Sluggish

It feels like almost every morning the news is spilling with stories about companies making substantial layoffs — Merrill Lynch, Yahoo, Macy's, and The New York Times to name a few. Of course just because these companies are trudging though tough times it doesn't mean your job is next, but there's no harm in being prepared. Fortune just released these tips on how to approach the job hunt during a weak market.

  1. Request more face-to-face meetings: Make an impression by meeting with your contacts and recruiters in person.
  2. Step up your job-search activity: Improve your odds by making up to 40 phone calls a week and sending out between 15 and 20 letters to prospective employers, recruiters, and others.
  3. Try to be as flexible as you can: Some employers may be hesitant to give you a full-time job because of the economic climate, so if they offer part-time or contract work don't automatically turn it down. It may be worth it to at least get your foot in the door.

There are four more on the list so please

  1. Consider relocating: But being open to the idea of moving improves your chances for success and will open up more opportunities.
  2. Scour the hidden job market: Un-tap unadvertised openings by networking, contacting potential employers directly and registering on companies' web sites to receive e-mail updates about new openings.
  3. Spend very little of your time on Internet job boards and help-wanted ads: You can keep a casual eye on them, but fewer job openings mean more people are chasing the same advertised positions.
  4. Take advantage of social networking sites: Use the sites to re-connect with old acquaintances and make new ones.


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