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Let's Make a Deal Restaurant

Let's Make a Deal Restaurant

While most of you weren't sure that customers could accurately price menu items at pay-what-you-like restaurants, one restaurant owner has come up with a solution that helps customers and keeps her in business. Customers at most pay-what-you-like restaurants place their money in a box secretly, but the patrons at Dan's in Maine tell the waitress how much they'd like to pay for a dish and the cook makes a portion according to the named price.

The family business started in 1952 and Dan's daughter, Danielle, took over after her parents passed away. She noticed that fewer customers were coming in because of having less money to eat out due to higher gas and supermarket prices. In order to help her customers and keep her business going, she created a let's make a deal policy that has been a hit with the community. The Today Show visited Dan's to learn how she runs her restaurant, and you can see for yourself in the video below.

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