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Life as a Food Critic Isn't All Edible Roses

Life as a Food Critic Isn't All Edible Roses

Well-known New York Times food critic Frank Bruni has announced his retirement, and 63 percent of you wouldn't mind stepping in to fill his shoes. Many of you said it would be awesome to get paid for eating and would love the opportunity to try so many different types of food. According to several restaurant critics, their jobs aren't always enjoyable, and they're not just talking about terrible food they've had to taste.

ABC News spoke with various food critics, and there were three primary complaints from the group: most critics struggle with weight gain, late dining that keeps them from dinner with families, and angry restaurant owners after bad reviews. The latter issue can be rather invasive. While Ruth Reichl was a NYT food editor, she tried to protect her identity by wearing disguises during meals out, and there are websites dedicated to insulting New Orleans food critic Tom Fitzmorris, who says they even attack his family.

Of course, there are fantastic rewards that come with being a food critic, but we also need to look at the cons of a career before declaring the grass is greener. Do you think the pros could outweigh the cons of being a food critic?


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