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Linens 'n Things Tricky Liquidation Tactics Exposed

Linens 'n Things Tricky Liquidation Tactics Exposed

Going out of business sales usually make shoppers' ears perk up, yet a recent sort of exposé by Good Morning America suggests that we shouldn't trust that sticker prices are actual discounts from the originals. With camcorder in hand, the show strolled the aisles of a soon-to-be extinct Linens 'n Things and visited a going-out-of business Circuit City store. What they found was nothing to be excited about, at least in terms of dirt-cheap deals.

A liquidator's goal is to make money, and they do so by capitalizing on the excitement surrounding going-out-of business sales. Store clerks admitted that liquidators raise prices and then gradually discount. At a Circuit City store taken over by liquidators, Good Morning America found a Samsung HD TV for $1,799 only available from an opened box, while a still-in-business Circuit City was selling the same brand new TV for $1,599. Protect yourself as a consumer by shopping around and not assuming that a so-called discounted price is the best available. Check out the video below for more insight into tricky liquidation tactics.

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