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Milla Jovovich Hasn't Always Been Financially Secure

Milla Jovovich Hasn't Always Been Financially Secure

As a woman who once topped Forbes' Richest Supermodels of the World list, Milla Jovovich knows a thing or two about earning money. Milla came from a modest background and told Bankrate that her family had "pretty much nothing but the clothes on our back" when they arrived in the US.

Her upbringing heavily influenced the way she views financial security, and the striking supermodel explained that her parents divorced over finances and fights over what they could and couldn't afford. She continued,

For me and my family, financial security means peace of mind. It means being able to just enjoy life without worrying about finances . . . Definitely for me, financial freedom is very important because I came from an immigrant background, really struggling to succeed in this country.

Milla's outward appearance is nowhere near ordinary, but she really just wants what the rest of us do: peace of mind and a good life for our families.

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