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Monday Career Horoscopes

  • ARIES: March 21st - April 19th
    Flaunt the positive attitude that you feel. Show people that you are confident about your work and that you know how to get the job done. Doing so will earn big points with your employers. There is no reason to hide the strength that you possess.
  • TAURUS: April 20th - May 20th
    Remember that leaders stay in power by being sensitive and considerate toward the people they are leading. Your purpose as a leader is ultimately to serve and not to do things for your own personal gain. Being kind and sensitive to others today is key.
  • GEMINI: May 21st - June 21st
    Take time out of your workday to clean and organize the area around your workplace. Your domestic instincts are kicking in and it is a good time to capitalize on this energy. Having a nice solid base to work from will help you tremendously.
  • CANCER: June 22nd - July 22nd
    Look deeper into a conversation that you have with someone today. There is hidden meaning in their words that you need to tune into. Don't just take things on a surface level. If you do, you will be missing a very important piece of the puzzle.
  • LEO: July 23rd - August 22nd
    Your instincts are right on target, so don't be afraid to vocalize what you know to be true. You are on the right track with regard to your work. Move forward with great confidence. If you are looking for a job, this is a good time to interview.
  • VIRGO: August 23rd - September 22nd
    An important conversation with someone is not likely to be very clear today. Everything you say seems to be misinterpreted. Don't make any formal agreements without getting anything in writing. Otherwise, you will be in trouble later on down the road.
  • LIBRA: September 23rd - October 22nd
    You may get the feeling that everyone is against you. Your first reaction is to get extremely critical of everyone who disagrees with you. Keep in mind that this is likely to make matters much worse. People will not take this criticism too well.
  • SCORPIO: October 23rd - November 21st
    Explain your motives before you go ahead and do something. If you act hastily and without previous warning, others are likely to misinterpret your actions and a great deal of confusion in the workplace is likely to ensue. Be open and clear.
  • SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd - December 21st
    This is a great day to move forward with a project that has been lingering in your mind for quite a long time. What are you waiting for? Get started. The energy is right for you to take the first steps - regardless of how small they might feel.
  • CAPRICORN: December 22nd - January 19th
    The atmosphere around the workplace has a very different quality today than it did yesterday. People are more serious and emotional. Take this into account as you interact with others. Tread lightly or you may hurt someone's sensitive feelings.
  • AQUARIUS: January 20th - February 18th
    Rely on your intuition instead of waiting for your rational mind to decide. Your head may have been swarming with conflicting ideas yesterday, but the answer should be clear today. Just tune into your gut feeling and make your decision.
  • PISCES: February 19th - March 20th
    Work from home today if you can. If this is not possible, add a houseplant and some extra pictures to your desk at work. You will find that the security of your own personal environment is much more conducive to getting your work done.

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