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Monday Career Horoscopes

  • ARIES: March 21st - April 19th
    Your attitude at the beginning of the day will determine how others treat you throughout the rest of the day. Don't give other people a reason to dislike you or be disrespectful to you. You deserve to be treated like the best because you are the best.
  • TAURUS: April 20th - May 20th
    Volunteer to take on an extra task today. When someone declares that there is a bit of extra work to be done, don't be afraid to jump on it. Doing so will put you in good favor with your superiors and will lead to big opportunities down the road.
  • GEMINI: May 21st - June 21st
    Take the initiative to start a new routine for yourself in the workplace today. Don't be afraid to bite off more than you think you can chew. You will handle every new task just beautifully. Don't doubt yourself. Have faith in your abilities.
  • CANCER: June 22nd - July 22nd
    Aggression with other people in the workplace may become destructive today if you aren't careful. Remember that you are working as a team. There is no need to compete with your teammates. The idea is to work together. Aim for cooperation.
  • LEO: July 23rd - August 22nd
    You are the important piece of the puzzle today. You will find that effectiveness in the workplaces increases several fold once you put your energy into the group. Put your two cents in when you know that something could be done a better way.
  • VIRGO: August 23rd - September 22nd
    Instead of looking at all the negative aspects of your current plan, take a look at the benefits. Consider the potential rewards. If you think too much about the potential pitfalls then you are not likely to follow through on anything at all.
  • LIBRA: September 23rd - October 22nd
    Now is a good time to review your long-term career plan. A big change is coming up for you, so be prepared to make adjustments. There is no sense staying on the current track if you feel yourself being pulled in another direction. Follow your heart.
  • SCORPIO: October 23rd - November 21st
    Close the door on old projects so you can make way for new ones. You have many loose ends right now that are causing mental clutter whether you realize it or not. Delegate your work, tackle it yourself with fresh eyes, or toss it out completely.
  • SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd - December 21st
    Confusion will arise around mid-day and will most likely set you back if you are not prepared to deal with it. Set your plan during the beginning of the day and then use the afternoon to follow through. Plans initiated mid-day will most likely flop.
  • CAPRICORN: December 22nd - January 19th
    You are on the brink of something big, but yet you are still one step away. The good news is that this one step is just a small one. You are actually much closer than you think. Hang in there. A breakthrough will come as early as tonight.
  • AQUARIUS: January 20th - February 18th
    It is not too late to capitalize on a fantastic opportunity of yesterday. Momentum from the previous couple of days has been building, setting you up to make a major move. Do it now before restrictions from other people descend upon you.
  • PISCES: February 19th - March 20th
    Just because something is labeled "work" doesn't mean that it has to be tedious or boring. Try to put some spark in your workday today with an extra positive attitude. Believe it or not, you can make this day fun whether you are working hard or not.

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