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Money Tip: Get a Saving Buddy

As girlfriends, we have brunch together, ask each other for hair and wardrobe advice, dish about the latest on the dating scene, and get worked up together over world news — what's stopping us from helping each other save money? Taking a note from FitSugar's strategy for working out with a buddy to stay motivated, recruiting a friend for pairing up to reach money saving goals could be just as effective in making us more accountable.

You don't need to have identical goals as your friend, maybe one of you is trying to pay off debt and the other wants to save up for a vacation, but both of you should have the main goal of getting your finances on track. Help each other create a plan for reaching your goals and then check in a couple times a week, or how ever often you feel is appropriate. A little help from your friends always makes the tough things more manageable, and success is that much sweeter when you get to share it with someone else.


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