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The Most and Least Honest Professions of 2008

Bankers just can't seem to cut a break this year — besides enduring an extremely tumultuous work environment, people are judging those in the banking profession as being less honest than previously thought. The group lost 12 percentage points from last year's annual Gallup poll that asks for respondents to rate the honesty and ethical standards of various fields, dropping bankers from their spot among the most well-rated professions in 2007 to a neutral rating.

Poll respondents evaluated the professions as having very high, high, average, low, or very low standards, and here are the results from the 2008 survey. Is your profession reflected in the ratings?

Top-Rated Professions For Honesty and Ethics

  1. Accountants
  2. Funeral directors
  3. Clergy
  4. Policemen
  5. Medical doctors
  6. High school teachers
  7. Druggists or pharmacists
  8. Nurses

For the list of the least-rated professions,


Least-Rated Professions For Honesty and Ethics

  1. Labor union leaders
  2. Lawyers
  3. Business executives
  4. Advertising practitioners
  5. Stock brokers
  6. Congressmen
  7. Car salesmen
  8. Telemarketers
  9. Lobbyists
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