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Name-Brand and Generic Food

Generic and Name-Brand Foods Battle It Out

We all have our favorite name-brand foods — Kraft, Skippy, Campbell's, you name it. October's issue of Consumer Reports revealed results of a taste test between some famous household names and lesser-known store brands. In fact, by choosing store brands, consumers would be saving about 30 percent of their grocery cash, the magazine said. Do you think you know better? Take the quiz to guess which one tastes better. You'll be surprised!

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Guess which yummy chicken soup brand tastes better?
Name-Brand: Campbell's for 41 cents per serving
Generic: Food Lion for 36 cents per serving
Both taste the same.
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Guess which creamy mayo brand tastes better?
Name-Brand: Hellmann's for 7 cents per serving
Generic: Jewel for 5 cents per serving
Both taste the same.
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Guess which gooey macaroni and cheese tastes better?
Name-Brand: Kraft for $1.04 per box
Generic: Fred Meyer for 50 cents per box
Both taste the same.
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Guess which juicy franks taste better?
Name-Brand: Oscar Mayer for $3.65 per package
Generic: America's Choice for $2.45 per package
Both taste the same.
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Guess which sweet yogurt tastes better?
Name-Brand: Dannon for $3.14 per container
Generic: Food Lion for $1.99 per container
Both taste the same.
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