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New Five Dollar Bill

Want to Know What's in My Wallet?

The new purple (and green) five dollar bill was released into circulation a few weeks ago, and I was finally lucky enough to get one in my hands! I think the front of the bill could use some more purple, but other than that the new bill didn't disappoint my high expectations.

Abe's makeover has made the new five significantly more sassy than the other older, less colorful bills. In the gallery below you can see how the new five compares to several of the existing bills, including the hundred, twenty, ten and the one dollar bill. I've also pointed out some of the differences I can see among the various bills. Have you gotten a hold of a new five yet?

There's a slight purple hue around Abe's head, and how awesome are the tiny stars?!

Obviously, the huge purple five is what makes the new bill stand out and actually gives the bill a bit of an edge.

The five and the twenty are the only two that don't frame the presidents' heads.

The backs of the bills are distinctly different from one another, with the twenty and ten resembling each other most.
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