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New Tool Estimates the Total Cost of Renting a Car

New Tool Estimates the Total Cost of Renting a Car

There are some travel destinations that make it difficult to get around without renting a car. Anyone who has ever dealt with a rental knows that the estimated cost online is never the actual amount you pay when returning the car. Last time I rented a car the quote was $60 a day, and the total amount came out to almost twice as much! recently launched a unique tool called the Fuel Cost Calculator to help budgeting travelers better estimate the cost of renting a car. The calculator considers miles per gallon, average price of gas, number of miles you expect to drive, and type of driving (highway or city) to estimate the total cost of gas, and combines this number with the daily rate of each car. According to Kayak, it is the only site that generates the total price per day and gives users power to compare those prices across rental car agencies and car class.

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