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New York Baristas Sue Starbucks

Uh, Oh, More Trouble Brewing For Starbucks

Starbucks must have smelled this one coming. After the ruling from a California court last week that Starbucks owes its CA baristas $105 million because it allowed supervisors to get a piece of tip jar action, now the New York Times is reporting that a similar suit in New York has just been filed.

One of the lawyers who brought the case to NY is trying to make it a class action on behalf of all the state's baristas. Meanwhile, the CA case is being appealed and CEO Howard Schulz deemed the ruling “extremely unfair and beyond reason.” A Manhattan barista interviewed by the Times said she's paid $10.03 an hour after working at Starbucks for three years, and a shift supervisor who has the same amount of time under her green apron makes $10.25 an hour.

Does it make sense that $0.22 more per hour and additional responsibilities disallows supervisors from partaking in the tip jar? The real issue is that the supervisors are considered management and the tip sharing offends state law, but these suits do seem slightly frivolous.


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