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Oprah Freegan Episode

Oprah and Lisa Ling Go Freegan

If freegan were a Balderdash word, I probably would have scribbled down a definition like 'a dietary group that restricts the consumption of anything that lives freely,' or something else equally insensible because I'd have no idea what it actually meant. But thanks to our mogul friend Oprah, I'll always know the definition of freegan if needed (I can already picture being carried on the shoulders of my teammates at trivia night!) To find out what exactly a freegan is just


Freegans are a subculture of people who purposely live outside wasteful consumer society and act on their beliefs by using only what they need. Lisa Ling ventures with a freegan group on one of the standard practices of freegan culture — she goes on a trash tour where undamaged produce, packaged goods, and discarded dairy and meat items with sell-by dates that haven't yet come are salvaged by the group.

Madeline is one of the people who sits down with Oprah to discuss her freeganism, and the former six-figure earning exec says that she only spends about $10-$20 on food every week for she and her husband by living a freegan lifestyle. A young couple, Daniel and Amanda (a doctor and an engineer), are freegans because they believe in living simply — not because they can't afford to not live that way, but because they think an emphasis on purchasing the newest products is wasting our world's resources.

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