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41 Insanely Awesome Organization Hacks

Apr 24 2016 - 7:00am

Read on for some of the cleverest organization DIYs and tricks that will get your home orderly in no time.

—Additional reporting by Lauren Chan

Front Page Image Source: Emily Co, Le Zoe Musings [1], Instagram user songofstyle [2]

Magazine Holder Becomes a Kitchen Organizer

Store some of your kitchen supplies in an upright magazine holder [3] to save space.

Source: Chica and Jo [4]

Add a Rod Under the Sink

Hang your spray bottles on a rod [5] under the sink.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Bread Tags to Distinguish Wires

Tell your wires apart with labeled bread tags [6].

Source: The Photographer's Life [7]

DIY Memory Board

This cute DIY memory board [8] will keep all your reminders and notes in one place.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

Create a jewelry stand from the bottoms of Mountain Dew bottles; just thread them together with a metal rod. Get more instructions here [9].

Source: EPBOT [10]

Greeting Card Magnets

Use pictures and greeting cards to make magnets for your fridge. Here's a tutorial on how to make picture magnets [11].

You can even use numbers instead of pictures to make your own magnetic calendar.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Painted Keys

Paint your keys with nail polish [12], so you remember which one opens what door.

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Jewelry Frame Organizer

Frame some wire mesh or burlap for a unique jewelry organizer [13].

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Ice Cube Tray Organizer

Organize your jewelry with an ordinary ice cube tray [14].

Photo: Emily Co

Rotating Goal List

Stay on top of your goals with this neat rotating goal list [15]. You can easily switch out goals by sticking on a new Post-it note and peeling off the old one.

Source: Cornflower Blue Studio [16]

Toilet Roll Cord Organizer

Organize your cords with washi-tape-decorated toilet rolls [17].

Source: Our Thrifty Ideas [18]

Day of the Week Clothes

This idea is commonly used for kids, but I think adults can use it too. I really love the idea of planning out all your outfits for the week [19].

Source: IHeart Organizing [20]

Magnetic Strip Organizer

Hang bobby pins and other metallic equipment on magnetic strips [21], which you can stick on the backing of your medicine cabinet.

Source: Brittany@Superwoman [22]

Spoon Garden Markers

Stick pictures of plants on spoons, and use them as garden markers.

Source: Flickr user LillianClaire [23]

Turn Ikea Shelves Into a Table

This workspace was created from cobbling together two Ikea [24] shelves and a tabletop.
Source: Make It and Love It [25]

Charging Station

Hide unsightly wires with this DIY [26] plastic bottle charging station [27].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Wine-Bottle Jewelry Stand

When you're done with your wine, turn the bottles into chic jewelry holders.

Source: Instagram user songofstyle [28]

Hidden Storage

Whenever you can, try to opt for hidden storage over visible storage, such as this shoe cupboard [29].

Source: IHeart Organizing [30]

Washi Tape Calendar

Add color to your calendar with washi tape highlights [31].

Source: Take Two They're Small [32]

Plastic-Bag Dispenser

Take an empty disinfectant wipes bottle, and turn it into a plastic-bag dispenser [33].

Source: Tatertots and Jello [34]

Cheese Grater Earring Stand

Paint a cheese grater, and hang your earrings on it for a fun and unusual earring stand.

Source: Etsy user Irit Cohen [35]

PVC Pipe Holder

Turn a PVC pipe into a handy dandy holder for all your beauty tools.
Source: Don't Worry Be Happy Keep Learning [36]

Recipe Planner

Sticky tabs make creating a meal plan [37] a breeze.

Source: Homemade by Carmona [38]

Shopping-Bag Organizer

Pin up the prettiest shopping bags on your wall, and turn them into little organizers.
Source: Le Zoe Musings [39]

Tack Wires Under Your Table

Hang your wires on the underside of the table to hide their unsightliness.
Source: Flickr user blupics [40]

Paper-Bag Baskets

Weave strips of paper bags together to make these cute baskets [41].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Above-the-Door Storage

Install a shelf above your bathroom door, so your supplies will be within reach anytime you need them. Source: Martha Stewart [42]

Suitcase Side Table

Make your own beautiful side table by piling up vintage suitcases, and top it off with a rustic mirror.

Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere [43]

DIY Charging Station

Create a charging station [44] for several different gadgets to avoid a big mess of wires and gadgets.

Source: Design Sponge [45]

Roll Up Your Tops

Roll your tops when packing them in your drawer. This is a pretty genius idea, because all the tops will be visible and not piled on top of each other.
Source: Love Sunset Blonde [46]

Soda-Tab Tier Hangers

Hang soda tabs on hangers [47], so you can stack hangers and take up less space in your closet.

Source: Vanessa Devaki Andrew [48]

Boots Hanger

Hang your boots on an extension rod installed in your closet.

Source: The DIY Showoff [49]

Sunglasses on a Hanger

Hang your sunglasses on a hanger for easy storage.

Source: Love U Madly [50]

Oatmeal-Box Ribbon Holder

A ribbon holder is a must for every craft fanatic. Make one out of an oatmeal box by following this tutorial [51].

Source: Curbly DIY Design Community [52]

Trash Bags on a Roll

Maximize your under-the-sink space, and store your trash bags on a roll [53].

Source: Simply Organized [54]

Wrapping-Paper Racks

Install racks at the back of closet doors for a place to put your rolled-up wrapping paper.
Source: The Chronicles of Home [55]

Lost-Sock Organizer

Always losing socks? Make finding your sole mate easier by pinning up the lone sock on this organizer.
Source: Day2Day Super Mom [56]

Cleaning Supplies in a Shoe Organizer

Keep your cleaning supplies in a shoe organizer [57] that hangs over your door to maximize the space in your home.

Source: Whine & Cheez [58]

Embroidery Hoop Hamper

Storing dirty clothes has never looked prettier than with this embroidery hoop hamper [59].

Source: Making Nice in the Midwest [60]

Shoe Hangers

Make tiny hangers for your shoes [61] with the leftover hangers you get from the dry cleaner.

Source: Instagram user katrinaelainee [62]

Magnetic Spice Jars

Make these cute magnetic spice jars [63] to stick on your fridge.

Source: One Lucky Pickle [64]

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