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Get Your Life Together With These 15 Types of Organizational Tools

Mar 24 2015 - 12:00pm

Do you prefer to run your life from your phone or computer, or does a task need to be in writing for it to actually get done? Either way, we've got you covered! Step up the way you take care of your task list with these 15 organizational tools that will help you maximize your productivity daily.

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Online Applications

Consider using some of the latest tech tools [2] to help you plan out and organize your tasks.

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Free Printable Checklists

Nothing is more satisfying than checking off an item from your list [3] and getting a sense of accomplishment.

DIY Rotating Goal List

For a great way to prioritize your tasks, make a rotating goal list [4] that's quick and easy to update each week or month.

Desk Organizers

If you can't find a pencil and a piece of paper to write down your to-do list on, then your first step in the organizational process should probably be to rearrange your desk. Try some of these helpful tools [5]!

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest [6] is a wonderful world of organizational hacks. You can arrange your boards any way that best works for you — from recipes, home decor, and to-do lists to wedding [7] planning and closet arrangement.

Mail and Legal Document Organizers

One of the first keys to organization is knowing where exactly all of your important documents are. Keep them together in a cute mail and document organizer [8].

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Washi Tape Calendar

Color-coding is key when keeping tasks in order, so style your calendar with washi tape [10].

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DIY Memory Board

Memory boards [12] aren't just for photos and keepsakes — they're also great for sticking reminders, receipts, and task lists onto as well!

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Time Logs

Keep track of your day with a time log [13] application or a physical copy of your daily doings by the hour.

DIY Dry-Erase Board

Make a decorative DIY [14] dry-erase board [15] that allows you to easily edit and update as you complete your list of tasks.

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Use a more traditional day planner [16] ($40) if you prefer to lay out your plans on paper.

Printable Calendars

Mark off your days with hassle-free printable calendars [17] that don't cost a thing.

Bulletin Boards

Make organizing your life cute AND useful with a DIY [18] fabric bulletin board [19].

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To-Do Lists

Go back to the organizational basics with a classic to-do list [20] ($10) notepad.

Cell Phone Applications

Most applications can be used both online and on your phone, but ones like Trello [21] and Any.do [22] are ideal for keeping track of your to-do list while you're on the go.

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