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33 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Paint Chips

May 28 2016 - 5:00pm

If you're planning on painting your walls, you'll find yourself with more paint chips than you know what to do with. Given that they come in such pretty colors, it almost seems like a shame to throw them away. Well, keep reading to check out some of the amazing DIY [1] projects crafters have created out of paint chips, and you may think twice about trashing yours.

Paint Chip Garland

Create beautiful garlands from paint chips, like this egg garland that's perfect for Easter.

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids [2]

Paint Chip Christmas Tree

An eco-friendly alternative to a Christmas tree, this paint chip version can be reused year after year.

Source: The Red Thread Blog [3]

Paint Chip Necklace

Turn paint chips into wearable art, such as this neat chevron necklace.

Paint Chip Notebooks

Paint chips make adorable covers for little notebooks.

Paint Chip Art

Punch a few shapes in paint chips, pepper them on a piece of paper, and frame it for an awesome piece of art.

Paint Chip Chandelier

Punch out pretty shapes in your paint chips and string them together to make a very pretty ombré chandelier.

Source: Hey Gorgeous [4]

Paint Chip Coasters

Wow your guests with these awesome paint chip coasters.

Source: Crafty CPA [5]

Paint Chip Gift Tag

Add extra flair to the gifts you give with DIY [6] paint chip tags.

Paint Chip Christmas Trees

A fancy table ornament for the holidays — paint chip Christmas trees.

Source: Making Home Base [7]

Paint Chip Clock

Dress up a regular white clock by placing paint chips around the edges.

Source: Kojo Designs [8]

Paint Chip Invites

Welcome one and all to your home with this lovely paint chip invite.

Source: My Hands Made It [9]

Paint Chip Stair Walls

Dress up the walls by the stairs with colorful paint chips.

Source: Cozy Little Cave [10]

Paint Chip Bookmarks

You'll never misplace a page with this eye-catching paint chip bookmark.

Source: How About Orange [11]

Paint Chip Rolodex

Update your tired Rolodex with colorful paint chip tabs.

Source: In My Own Style [12]

Paint Chip Wall

Fill a part of your wall in your house with paint chips to add some cheer to your home.

Source: Papery and Cakery [13]

Paint Chip Napkin Holder

Party guests will gush about these unique and eco-friendly paint chip napkin holders.

Source: My Hands Made It [14]

Paint Chip Gift Boxes

Turn paint chips into cute gift boxes.

Source: How About Orange [15]

Paint Chip Calendar

Use paint chips and a photo frame to create this awesome calendar that will help you stay organized.

Source: Cheltenham Road [16]

Paint Chip Alphabet Bookmarks

Another creative way to make paint chip bookmarks. The possibilities are endless!

Source: Scissors and Spoons [17]

Paint Chip Mosaic

Paint chips can create really cool-looking mosaics, just like this pretty mosaic greeting card.

Source: Confetti Workshop [18]

Paint Chip Matching Game

Have a little fun with your kids with this paint chip matching game. They'll be challenged by the ombré shades.

Source: Craftiness Is Not Optional [19]

Paint Chip Lamp Shade

Tack on paint chips to a lamp shade for a one-of-a-kind fixture.

Source: Pretty Handy Girl [20]

Paint Chip Napkin and Utensil Holder

Sew together some paint chips to make creative utensil holders at your next party.

Source: Sew Many Ways [21]

Paint Chip Earrings

Turn paint chips into lovely ombré earrings.

Source: Minted Strawberry [22]

Paint Chip Heart Art

Punch paint chips into little hearts to create these adorable art pieces.

Source: I Heart Organizing [23]

Paint Chip Pixelated Paintings

Paint chips are perfect for creating pixelated art, given how they come in so many shades.

Source: Apartment Therapy [24]

Paint Chip Wrapping Paper

Wrap up a present in pretty shades of paint chips.

Source: Pretty Handy Girl [25]

Paint Chip Ribbon

String little bits of paint chips together to create a unique ribbon that will add style to any package.

Source: Studio D Sharp [26]

Paint Chip Confetti

Punch little shapes out of paint chips to make lovely confetti for a party or wedding [27].

Photo by Our Labor of Love [28] via Amy Osaba Event.Floral.Design [29]

Paint Chip Greeting Card Decor

Spice up greeting cards with pretty paint chip cutouts.

Source: Everyday Cookies [30]

Paint Chip Table

Brighten up a tired old table with paint chips.

Source: Minimoz Blog [31]

Paint Chip Escort Cards

Turn paint chips into totally cute shabby-chic escort cards.

Photo by Emily Steffen Photography [32] via Wedding Chicks [33]

Paint Chip Triangle Art

Cut paint chips into triangles, and piece them together for a beautiful art piece.

Source: The Lovely Cupboard [34]

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