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You've Definitely Met These 23 People on Your Morning Commute

Jul 21 2014 - 4:00am

While commuting is usually a bore, the people watching is unfailingly top-notch. It doesn't matter if you drive, ride the train, sit on a ferry, take the subway, or walk — you're bound to meet these people over the course of your journey to work or school.

Source: NBC [1]; Pinterest Image Sources: Flickr user cmichel67 [2] and NBC [3]

The Venting Co-Workers

These commuters meet up on the way to work for an early morning rant about their boss, colleague, or client. They're usually quite loud and "this close to quitting."

Source: CW [4]

The First-Timer

This new graduate is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and absolutely stoked about the commute to their new job. They'll learn.

Source: Youtube user magmadudle [5]

The Road Rager

This driver exists on every freeway and takes your adherence to the speed limit as a challenge to fight.

Source: Fox [6]

The Hairstylist

This public transportation passenger waits to style her hair and do her makeup until she's on board. You'll hear her scream with frustration every time the bus hits a bump or the train lurches forward too quickly.

Source: Giphy [7]

The Obliviously Stinky Passenger

It's really unfortunate that this commuter is apparently ignorant to the existence of deodorant.

Source: Vh1 [8]

The Loud Cell Phone Talker

You know everything about this commuter's bunions, family drama, and thoughts on the recent finale of Game of Thrones.

Source: AMC [9]

The Perfume/Cologne Aficionado

There's no way you're escaping this cloud of overwhelming "freshness," so just stop trying to hold your breath.

Source: NBC [10]

The Vacationers

These commuters are leaving for paid time off and couldn't be more excited about their upcoming trip.

Source: 20th Century Fox [11]

The Resentful Employee

This commuter is dreading getting to work because he or she hates their job with a fiery passion. Don't leave anything valuable on the floor of the subway; they might "accidentally" kick it. Hard.

Source: Youtube user TheParlight [12]

The Tuna Sandwich Guy

Or egg salad. Or sauerkraut. This person somehow manages to concoct the stinkiest possible meal to eat in close quarters, and it makes everybody else feel ill.

Source: Youtube user zlivruquok [13]

The "Tired" Commuter

You'll hear how exhausted this person is over and over. They don't seem to understand that it's 6 a.m. for everybody else, too.

Source: Warner Bros. [14]

The Pickup Artist

This guy is making lemonade out of lemons, trying to find a date while on his way to/from work. Too bad he usually doesn't look like Chris Hemsworth.

Source: Paramount Pictures [15]

The Easily Offended Eavesdropper

This person "can't help but overhear" others' conversations and takes serious offense to everything.

Source: IFC [16]

The Ambient Music Commuter

This kind soul takes it upon themselves to blast their music so loudly that everyone nearby can hear it. It's really quite soothing to listen to bass thumping when you're trying to take a last-minute nap.

Source: Universal Pictures [17]

The Executive

No matter the circumstance, this commuter will always find a way to talk (loudly) about his or her powerful position at a company, high income, or huge workplace responsibilities.

Source: ABC [18]

The Long-Distance Driver

Somehow, this commuter finds the strength to drive four hours per day during their work commute. They are a highway pro and can always tell you at least three separate routes and the approximate driving time to any location that you mention.

Source: Film District [19]

The Caffeine Addict

This pro coffee drinker is already on her sixth cup this morning and itching for another before starting the day.

Source: The Hot Hits [20]

The Exhausted Working Parent

They got 40 minutes of sleep last night, and suddenly their toddler decides to nap . . . on the subway.

Source: AMC [21]

The Film Critic

You'll know that this conversation dominator thinks of Wes Anderson as "the acoustic version of Quentin Tarantino [22]" and actually believes that Meryl Streep [23] is God.

Source: DreamWorks [24]

The Social Media Maven

You can find this public transportation passenger by listening for camera shutter sounds, because they're taking at least eight selfies during this trip.

Source: NBC [25]

The High-Strung Workaholic

Stay out of this commuter's way. They got home in the wee hours of the morning from working overtime and are now back on the train to work some more.

Source: NBC [26]

The Conspiracy Theorist

Get your tin foil hat ready, because this commuter will talk your ear off about how the government is a complex infrastructure designed purely to brainwash everybody. Also, aliens.

Source: Disney [27]

The Commuter With No Sense of Personal Space

You won't be able to miss this passenger, probably because they'll be sitting on your lap.

Source: NBC [28]

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