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Pimp This Bum Website Has Double Motive

Pimp This Bum Website Has Double Motive

A new website called seeks to raise awareness about homelessness while generating publicity for the Internet marketing business that developed it. The site focuses on 37-year old Tim Edwards, a homeless man who used to be an office manager with a home and a car. Visitors to the site can learn about Tim and his life through a series of Web casts, and they can donate money, services, and goods to help him get back on his feet.

Edwards explains, "The whole idea of this project is to get people off the street." However, father and son team Kevin and Sean Dolan have a second motive for their homeless-focused project — to promote their budding business. They intended on launching a marketing campaign that promoted a mom-and-pop business, but Sean suggested they turn the project into something more valuable.

The website's controversial name is of course, intentionally memorable, and some homeless advocates are critical of the project, saying that Edwards is being exploited. What's your take: Is the marketing company in the right or in the wrong?

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