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37 Epic Pinterest Fails That Make You Cringe

Jun 2 2014 - 8:10pm

We love Pinterest! We get tons of inspirational ideas, whether we're gathering home design ideas, finding cute pet pictures, or learning smart DIYs. But when you actually decide to try one of those stunning projects, sometimes things don't go as planned. We found a few Pinterest fails — from failed cleaning tips to crafts that just don't seem to work — that might make you feel better the next time your DIY [1] doesn't look so stellar.

Source: Instagram user christinareddef [2]

Bottle Cutting

The comment on this Instagram snap says it all.

"Pinterest glass cutting technique = HUGE FAILURE! We tried four times, and this did not work for us!"

Source: Instagram user thesaltlifewife [3]

Orange Peel Candle

If you've been on Pinterest, you have seen the orange peel candle. Well, we found proof that this DIY [4] might not be all it's pinned out to be.

Source: Instagram user megg88 [5]

No Wine For You

It looks like a wine opener is actually the best way to open up a bottle.

Source: Instagram user arielsealing [6]

Get the Right Stuff

This DIYer learned the hard way that investing in the right materials is a smart idea.

Source: Instagram user courtneem [7]


Another popular Pin is the doily lamp that seems so effortless to pull off. Well, here's proof that it's not that easy.

Source: Instagram user heaterelina [8]

Chalk on Oil Stains

We found this tip on Pinterest and had to give it a try. We weren't super impressed with the chalk-on-oil-stains [9] results.

Be Safe

Yeah, melting wax in a microwave isn't the smartest thing to do — especially if you forget about it! Make your own double boiler [10] instead.

Source: Instagram user xoabbstarxo [11]

Scented Candle Gone Wrong

Yeah, these candles don't look like they're ready to waft a wonderful scent.

Source: Instagram user pikachupirate [12]

Double Check

Remember to double-check your project layout!

Source: Instagram user ellajespersen [13]

Proper Protection

Plastic gloves are a must when doing any crafty dyeing.

Source: Instagram user dirtyhippiefeets [14]

Silly Chicks

It was a good attempt.

Source: Instagram user carmoods [15]

String Eggs

No string eggs this year.

Source: theinspiredcafe [16]

Cleaning Fail

When spot cleaning goes wrong.

Source: Instagram user gemsgalaxy [17]

Pretty Sticks?

Sometimes even string-wrapped sticks don't work out the way you would hope. Darn Pinterest.

Source: Instagram user urbanhousewife [18]

Fancy Eggs?

Here's another DIYer that had high hopes for a Pinterest project and was sadly disappointed when the project didn't deliver.

Source: Instagram user sppaula [19]

What Went Wrong?

And sometimes a Pinterest fail turns into a cry for help — like when this project that didn't go as planned.

Source: Instagram user sugarbeecrafts [20]

More Than Expected

And the moment you realize the project is going to need much more time than expected — and materials!

Source: Instagram user lethal_lipgloss [21]

Red + Green = Brown

Although it looks so easy on Pinterest, the actual creation of those beautiful multicolored holiday ornaments is a bit tricky.

Source: _maryyg_ [22]

Measure Twice

Yes, an adorable idea, but this DIYer learned it's a good idea to measure twice before starting any new project.

Source: Instagram user tinerellen [23]

Directions Matter

Yup, it's always a good idea to follow the directions to ensure bad things don't happen.

Source: Instagram user monika_unicorn [24]

Not the Same

And we all know Pinterest pictures always set us up for defeat.

Source: Instagram user rthompson213 [25]

Colorful Candles

Sometimes colorblocking doesn't go as planned.

Source: Instagram user webbigailvanderquack [26]

Don't Try This at Home

Yeah, using your toaster sideways to make grilled cheese isn't a smart idea.

Source: Instagram user chriscurrie [27]

Goopy Galaxy

Hey, at least it's glowing!

Source: Instagram user rocknrollswag [28]

Holiday Fail

These are supposed to be wire Christmas trees. Oh well.

Source: Instagram user marisaconner [29]

Not So Puffy

We know DIYing can be challenging, but hang in there!

Source: Instagram user robynnater [30]

Nice Try

But good effort!

Source: Instagram user olivialindon [31]

Not Working Right

This string-wrapped wreath wasn't willing to live up to its Pinterest awesomeness.

Source: Instagram user milkglas [32]

Sharp Lines

Another example of a DIY [33] that benefits from proper material usage.

Source: Instagram user dogsdonteatpizzakaren [34]

Sweet Problem

It's colorful — but it's no rainbow cake.

Source: Instagram user tiana999 [35]


Sadly, sometimes a dye job just doesn't work.

Source: Instagram user stephanieyonce [36]

Not So Pretty

Making the perfect eggs-contained-in-cut-peppers isn't as easy as it looks.

Source: Instagram user kuyateejaybee [37]


Another cooking disaster that didn't turn out as planned.

Source: Instagram user frostygirl214 [38]

Good Idea, But . . .

Using shower-liner hooks sounded like a good idea, but the hanger just doesn't want to cooperate.

Source: Instagram user shoeshoppinggirl [39]

Melty Mess

Melted crayons on canvas look so cool until things catch fire.

Source: Instagram user impawsome [40]

Oh Well

Those adorable little chocolate bowls look so easy! Oh well.

Source: Instagram user alyssabeseris [41]

Practice Makes Perfect

It's always a good idea to give projects a practice run before starting.

Source: Instagram user hellonvrind [42]

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