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Reasons Why People Quit Their Job

Fantasizing About Car Accidents and Other Signs You Should Quit Your Job

According to a Business Insider survey, about half of the people polled left a job in the last two years even though they did not have a job lined up. Given the recession, you would assume that people would be thankful to have a job and just roll with the punches. The business news site collected a few personal stories of why people decided to just up and leave. Here are some of their main reasons for leaving:

  • "I would fantasize about getting into non-fatal car accidents so I could get out of work and not feel guilty."
  • "'Old Media' is dead and I would die with it if I didn't jump ship . . . I left for my mental health and to force my own hand."
  • "My boss was one of the worst human beings I have ever worked for.  He . . .  spent most of his day texting his various mistresses or lording it over us how much he made . . . His few work actions bordered on the illegal involving us in multiple lawsuits."

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  • "They had an expectation that I’d work for free beyond the max hours I was contracted for."
  • "My spouse, an engineer, had been let go from a major networking company two years before with a very generous termination package.  I thought she'd get bored in a few months and want to start work again but she didn't . . . she was having fun.  And two years later, I wasn't . . . so I quit."
  • "I did feel my life was wasting away, I truly dreaded getting up Monday AM and going to work."
  • "I was being squeezed to cover illegal activity so I asked for a severance package and left the company."
  • "I saw myself in the same position for the next 30 years."

Can you relate to any of these reasons and have you quit a job without the safety blanket of job offers?

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