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Save Money Whenever You Turn Away From a Purchase

Money Tip: Grow Your Green Each Time You Say No

We all have our weaknesses — whether it be a certain store that never lets us leave empty-handed, or splurging on so many accessories that we'll never look dull a day in our lives, or a shoe fetish for the ages, I haven't met someone that doesn't have a little something that tends to tug on her purse strings. Next time you're staring at yourself for 15 minutes in the dressing room mulling over a pair of jeans that you know you don't need, think about rewarding yourself another way. Instead of simply stepping away from the jeans take the situation a step further by moving the money you would have spent into your savings account. Most banks allow you to make the transfer online which makes the whole process quick and easy. Instead of increasing your already bulky collection of blue, you'll watch your collection of green grow with satisfaction!


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