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Saving Money During Lent

Savvy Savings Challenge: I Made It Through Day One, Did You?

Yesterday I kicked off a 40-day Savvy Savings Challenge. I've committed to forgo all unnecessary spending — most notably I won't be driving to work for convenience or clothes shopping — for all of Lent. I've invited you all to join in the savings group and make your own sacrifices, and I hope you will because I need cheerleaders (and I want people to celebrate with come Easter!).

Setting a strict budget or savings goal is much like FitSugar's Get Fit For 2010 Challengeit requires dedication, persistence, and serious goal setting. So, I've set some rules for myself so I don't falter. To see what they are, how day one went and how you can join my mission,


The rules: The plan is simple. I must take public transportation to work everyday instead of sneaking in $18 self-imposed "reward" days at the parking garage near Sugar HQ (two of those a week and I'm spending $144 dollars a month on parking while I work!) and I can't spend any money on clothes. I know both will be sacrifices, but are completely achievable because both are dispensable expenses and quite honestly, a waste of my hard-earned dough.

How is it going so far? Day one (yesterday) was a bit rough because I typically work out before work on Wednesdays and treat myself by grabbing a coffee with my good friend afterward and driving to work. That's a $23 dollar treat for exercising, and I clearly don't deserve it for an hour of sweating. Instead of the leisurely and expensive convenience, I rushed from the gym to the bus and ended up arriving at work 15 minutes earlier than usual. I was frazzled and un-caffeinated, but I powered through a bunch of emails before anyone else arrived at the office and thoroughly enjoyed a cup of tea I made at the office. Total savings so far: $23!

It's never too late to start saving! Jump on my budget-boosting effort and cut your most harmful and indulgent money habit for the next 40 days! Join my Savvy Savings Challenge and share what you plan on giving up, then update the group daily or weekly with your pitfalls and success stories. The community and I will be your personal finance trainers!

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