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Savvy Community: Wedding or No Wedding?

jjasinsk needs your help! She posed this question in our Ask Savvy group. What's your advice for her?

After being engaged since October, I am still unsure whether to have a wedding or simply elope. My entire life I dreamed of a huge family wedding with all the works, but now that I am actually engaged the prospect of planning and being the center of attention in a social situation really turns me off. Furthermore, I have become simply disgusted with the prices associated with a traditional wedding — even those that are not considered ostentatious. I am only 22 years old and that amount of money doesn't even register with me!  The only thing holding me back from eloping is that my parents are so enthusiastic about me having a wedding (I am their first child and only daughter). I have asked them several times what they think of elopement, and although they don't say it, I know they would be unhappy. If I let this go any longer without making a decision I'll be engaged for years, so help please — wedding or no wedding?

PS:  My groom is a saint; He tells me to do whatever will make me happy

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