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Sex and the City Movie 2008-04-02 08:26:25

Is Sex and the City Really a Bad Influence?

All of the buzz around the Sex and the City movie has put Carrie and the girls back in the spotlight. For some of us, they never really left — hello, daily re-runs! The show had such a dedicated following, but it seems that some of the old fans have since turned against the ideals that SATC portrayed.

A young writer for BusinessWeek who claims she was a "die-hard devotee" wrote that the new movie is "bad for career women," and that SATC, Lipstick Jungle, and Cashmere Mafia have this in common: "These women's career success seems largely predicated on the ability to navigate an exciting web of power struggles and sexually charged innuendoes. All in stilettos!" The New York Times also ran a piece on a real sex columnist, and the article criticizes the show for portraying a lifestyle that is difficult for most young women to afford.



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