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Should I Travel Under My Maiden or Married Name?

Ask Savvy: Should I Travel Under My Maiden or Married Name?

Dear Savvy,

I'm getting married on Sept. 26 and my fiancé and I are ready to start booking flights for our honeymoon to Thailand. In fact, we almost bought tickets last night when I thought about which last name I should use! I'm planning on taking my fiancé’s last name after we're married, but I'm not sure what name to use when making my honeymoon plans. Will I encounter any trouble if I book my tickets with my new last name?

Savvy says: It's a good thing you thought twice before buying your plane ticket! To see why,


The name on your tickets and reservations should match the name in your passport. It can take several weeks to receive copies of your marriage license, and then a couple more months to change your name on all of the necessary documents. So, if the name in your passport at the time of travel will be your maiden name, you should book the trip under your maiden name.

Waiting a few months to take your honeymoon? Most airlines will let you travel domestically with your driver's license in a maiden name along with a marriage license, but double check with the airline before you book under your married name that doesn't match your driver's license. Traveling internationally will naturally warrant additional scrutiny from security. Simply play it safe by traveling under your maiden name until your documents reflect your new married name.


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