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Should This Woman Be Bitter About Her Boyfriend's Failure to Reimburse?

Should This Woman Feel Stiffed by Her Boyfriend?

Aside from getting my daily dose of DearSugar, I also like to read Dear Prudence's column on Slate that's published every Thursday. Readers submit questions to her and she provides her advice in a witty, straightforward way, and one of yesterday's questions especially caught my eye.

The reader, who calls herself "Stiffed," is a stay-at-home single parent and her boyfriend is employed. They usually go dutch when out to eat, but lately he's been going to her home for dinner a few nights a week and she cooks "nice dinners and serves beer, wine, chocolates, etc." She says normally it wouldn't occur to her to ask for anything in return, but the day after she provided a $70 - $80 dinner for two they went out to a $42 lunch where he put $20 toward the bill. She brings up the point that it's probably cheaper for her when the two of them eat out because they're splitting the bill instead of having to foot the entire thing, and wants to know how she can approach the topic without being demanding.

Would you feel as bitter and frustrated as Stiffed if you were in her position? Would you say anything to your boyfriend?


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