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24 Signs That You're Addicted to Traveling

Jan 2 2015 - 11:00am

You have your regular jet-setters. And then you have your full-blown wanderlusters. The kind of people who have basically made traveling a career — or at least aspire to. If the idea of staying in one place too long gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach, and if you're dreaming of your next adventure abroad while in the middle of your current one, you might be truly addicted to traveling. Hey, we are right there with you — if wanderlust is a sickness, we don't want the cure! Traveling is invigorating, eye-opening, and, oftentimes, life changing. Take a look at these signs that you're addicted to traveling and keep exploring the world!

Your bucket list consists of a million places to go and see instead of things to do.

You’re not sure where half of your belongings are, but you definitely know exactly where your passport is.

The idea of living in one city or state forever is absolutely UNTHINKABLE.

You have permanent evidence of your travel addiction.

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All of the gifts you receive on holidays and birthdays are travel related.

And if they really love you, they know to just give you money toward your next plane ticket.

Jet lag is a way of life. You’re actually not even sure what time your body is really on.

Your wanderlust is not cured by traveling more; in fact, it only increases exponentially with more travel.

Your home decor is map and postcard themed.

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Racking up air miles is like a game to you.

Having relationships can be tricky, because they end up basically being long distance, but you're cool with flying solo.

Literally and figuratively . . .

You have credit cards that need to be paid off, but contributing to your travel fund comes first.

And admit it: you signed up for those credit cards in the first place so that you could get the bonus miles.

You get superantsy in between trips.

You have packing down to a science.

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You can say hello, order drinks, and curse in multiple languages.

You know . . . the important stuff.

You roll your eyes at the people who make the alarm go off at airport security.

But seriously . . . just take off your belts, people.

You've entertained the thought of being a flight attendant just so that you could get the free miles.

You have to justify your need to travel to family and friends who just don't get it.

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You help new travelers relax when there’s turbulence on the plane.

Exploring the world is essential to your well-being.

You start planning your next trip while on your current one.

You can very accurately guess the weight of your luggage.

You only watch and read movies and books that remind you of a trip you were on or get you ready for your next one.

You spend hours on frequent flyer expert blogs and travel websites.

Don't even get us started on how many travel shows you watch.

When you finally get settled back at home after a long trip, you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

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