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5 Dreamy DIYs That Will Give You a Good Night's Rest

Mar 15 2016 - 6:00am

If you're tired of not blissfully drifting off to sleep, stop what you're doing and get crafty with one of these dreamy DIYs. With the help of soothing essential oils [1] and other ingredients you probably have around the house, you can make your way to the best night's sleep ever.

Sleep Salve

Mix together this special blend of essential oils and soothing beeswax to create a helpful sleep salve [2] that makes sleepy time wonderful.

Sleepy-Time Spray

Mist yourself with a calming blend of essential oils that help you drift off to dreamland in minutes. And this sleep spray [3] is also helpful when you're feeling just a bit stressed.

Soothing Eye Mask

Scented rice fills this calming eye mask [4] that's so easy to make. And it also makes a great gift!

Linen Spray

Refresh your sheets with DIY linen spray [5] that makes cozying up in bed so luxurious — and relaxing.

Calming Lotion

Transform dollar-store lotion into nourishing and calming lotion [6] with the help of essential oils. And you can personalize it with your favorite scents!

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