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Snuggie, the Blanket With Sleeves

Brilliant or Baffling: Snuggie, the Blanket With Sleeves

Have you noticed there's been a whole lot of gab about a blanket with sleeves lately? The Snuggie ($19.95) has taken the infomercial scene by storm, though it's not the first invention of its kind. Two other blankets with sleeves were on the market for a few years before the Snuggie appeared in 2008.

The Snuggie has obviously captivated many, as four million units have sold since advertisements started rolling in October. The ads are memorably over the top, and Scott Boilen, president and chief executive of the company that makes the Snuggie, said, "We had seen products like these in catalogs for a while — even before the Slanket came out, I think. And we thought if we could put a clever commercial behind it and offer it at a better value price, then people would buy it."

What do you think of the blanket with sleeves — is it brilliant or baffling?

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