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Temporary Work Could Be Bad For Your Mental Health

Is temporary work making you sick? Maybe so. And it's for all the reasons you'd assume. According to research done in Montreal, temporary and short-term contract jobs contribute to psychological distress and depression. The study found that workers hired for temporary, contract, casual or fixed-term positions have a higher risk of developing mental health problems than those in steady positions. The main researcher noted,

"Temporary workers-those lacking long-term, stable employment-seem to be susceptible to declining mental health for as long as they continue to work in these so-called 'disposable' or 'second class' jobs. This research shows that temporary work strains employee mental health, as contingent workers report more symptoms of depression and psychological distress than similarly employed workers who are not in these fixed-term positions."

The findings seem completely logical, but are especially poignant considering the current economy and fact that many employers are trying to shave costs wherever possible and those looking for jobs are eager to take short-term work. Have you ever worked a temporary job?

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